Concrete answers to reasonable doubts

Where can I buy my ticket for the extra shows?
On our website or at Tickety and Tomaticket.
 Remember that the routes of concerts on September 20th & 27th and October 4th & 11th 2024 are free of charge. All you need to do is get out on the street and enjoy.
Are minors allowed to attend concerts?
Minors can enjoy the first three concerts of the routes (from 18:00 to 22:30), but not the last one. The Canary Islands Entertainment Law obliges us to restrict entry to stage 4, where we will set up an access control.
Can I bring food and drink to the concerts?

Of course: you can eat and drink whatever you want, but the law require us to ensure that no “throwable objects” enter Stage 4, a limited capacity venue. 

What can you bring?
🆗 Sandwiches, snacks.
🆗 Reusable or paper cups WITHOUT lids (max. 500 ml)

However, entry is NOT permitted with:
🚫 Cans, glass bottles and cups, ceramic, aluminium or hard materials
🚫 Fruit
🚫Tupperware or similar containers
🚫Portable coolers
🚫Cutlery and kitchenware
🚫 Ice cubes

I am in Lanzarote and I want to go to Arrecife en Vivo, what is the easiest way to get there?

Here you will find the Lanzarote bus (Guagua) schedules. To return home at dawn, it is best to take a taxi. 
If you sleep in Puerto del Carmen, Matagorda, Playa Honda, Arrecife, Las Caletas or Costa Teguise, take advantage of the cycle lane and pedal … as long as you have a headlamp, helmet and are in good condition for cycling. 

If you are getting around by car, share it. 

I lost a valuable item during the concerts.
All lost property is taken to the local police in Arrecife (+34 928 81 13 17).
Are there places to eat or dine near the festival?

Plenty. The centre of Arrecife is full of bars, cafés and restaurants where you can get something to eat. You can check this local guide or follow the recommendations of one of the island’s best-known blogs: Lanzarote 3.

Is it compulsory to buy the Arrecife en Vivo reusable cup?

Not at all. You can order your drink in any other cup you bring from home, as long as it is reusable. The ofcial cup costs 1 €, has a very nice design and looks great as a flower pot.

I am a person with reduced mobility. Can I safely attend concerts?
Stage 1 is adapted and on stages 2, 3 and 4 you will find a raised platform to watch the concert comfortably. The downside is that Arrecife is a city with architectural barriers and it is not easy to get around in a wheelchair.

Write to us if you need advice.

Are there public toilets?
During the Arrecife en Vivo concerts you will always have plenty of portable chemical toilets at your disposal. If you urinate in the street or on the beach, you are liable to a well-deserved fine.
I go everywhere with my dog. Can I be at concerts with my canine friend?
You can come with your dog to the first three concerts of the festival, as long as it is on a leash and you take good care of it (look for a quiet space, as you know they get stressed by loud music and crowds). Due to the number of people and the characteristics of the venue, only guide dogs will be allowed on stage 4 and on the extra shows.
Are there spaces for motorhomes or campers in Arrecife?

 There is no designated area. The use of motorhomes and campervans in Lanzarote is pending regulation. Even so, many people travel around the island in motorhomes, so we remind you that in Arrecife there are two points to empty the grey and black water from your vehicle: at the DISA service station in the Maneje neighbourhood and at the BP station in the Valterra neighbourhood. You are in a Biosphere Reserve and almost half of the island has some degree of protection for its environmental or geological values. Please don’t leave environmental footprint. 

I would like to work at the festival, how can I contact you?
Thank you for wanting to be part of our team 🙂 Write to us at and tell us something about yourself. If you are a band, send us links to live performances.
How safe is the festival?
We have Civil Protection and Local Police officers and medical teams next to the concert. The security system is supervised by professionals and meets all the requirements to avoid accidents and any abuse. Go to them if you need to.