The King answers

But are the concerts free? Really? 

All concerts on September 22nd, September 29th, October 6th and October 12th are admission free. 

The expenses are assumed by the sponsors of the festival: the Tourism area of the Arrecife City Council, the Government of the Canary Islands (Promotur), the Culture area of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, the Canarian Institute of Cultural Development and Lanzarote Tourism.  

The Special 10th anniversary concert on September 23rd is an extra gig organized  to celebrate our birthday: this one has an entrance fee. You can buy your ticket here. 

Finger? King? Look, I don’t understand anything… 

That means it’s your first time. Welcome! 

Let us tell you: the Arrecife en Vivo parade is led by a character dressed as Elvis Presley, the only non-elected king to whom we pay tribute. 

You will recognize him even if you are not supervised, because he has a giant neon finger on his back that points the direction of the next concert and he is always surrounded by drums, guitars, saxophones and music. 

Follow him and flow with the music.

What time does Tote King play? What day is the Barricade? There is a lot to remember

Memory is not your superpower and that´s ok. Don’t panic: here you have all the info. 

You can also sign up for our newsletter to have everything very clear on your mobile. 

I would like to work at the festival. How can I get in touch?

Thank you for wanting to be part of our team. 🙂 Send your CV to and tell us something about yourself.. 

I have lost a valuable item during the concerts. Help! !

Send us a private message on Instagram to check if there has been any luck. We take everything we find to the Local Police of Arrecife ☎️ 928 81 13 17. 

The festival goes for a few hours Are there places to eat or dine nearby?

A lot! Typical Lanzarote gastronomy, oriental food, steakhouses, Asturian cachopos, Dominican dishes, classic Italians, pizzerias with wood-fired oven, Burgers, vegan food… 

You can start by consulting the guide Arrecife Gastronómica. 

Can I bring food and drink? 

We are in the public space: you can eat and drink what you want as long as you throw the waste in the bin or keep it until you get to one. 

BUT, there is a but: 

In the concert on September 23rd and in the last stage of the routes (the most crowded) the law obliges us to control the capacity and ensure that no one has what the regulations call «throwable objects»: 

🆗Sandwiches, snacks 

🆗Reusable or paper cups without lids (max. 500 ml) 

🚫 Cans, glass bottles, glass cups, ceramics, aluminum or hard materials 


🚫Taper or similar containers 

🚫Portable refrigerators 

🚫 Cutlery and kitchen utensils 


Is it mandatory to buy the reusable cup of Arrecife en Vivo? 

No no. You can order your drink in any other cup as long as it is reusable. 

The Arrecife en Vivo reusable cup costs €1 and has a very cool design. As well as a beverage container for future parties, it´s a cool flower pot. It is a beautiful and useful memory.

Isn’t it a bit crazy and polluting that you do a concert so close to the sea? 

While you dance, we have a cleaning team that collects garbage, classifies it, sweeps, manually collects materials, rakes and uses machinery with non-polluting ecological products. 

Do you see the confetti that explodes at the climax of the last concert? It’s rice paper. 

The straws that will serve you with cocktails or soft drinks are biodegradable. 

Without a Sustainability Plan supervised by the authorities, this festival would not be possible. 

Are there public toilets in Arrecife?

During Arrecife en Vivo concerts you will always have enough chemical and portable toilets at your disposal. 

If you urinate in the street or on the beach, you expose yourself to a well-deserved fine and anyone to tell you off. 

Are there spaces for motorhomes or campers in Arrecife?

There is no authorized area in Arrecife. 

An insular law that will regulate the use of motorhomes and campervans is in progress. 

Even so, many people travel by motorhome in Lanzarote. 

In Arrecife you have two points to empty the gray and black water from your vehicle: at the DISA service station in the Maneje neighborhood and at the BP station in the Valterra neighborhood. 

Remember that you are in very fragile and beautiful territory: leave no trace. 

I am in Lanzarote and I want to go to Arrecife en Vivo. What is the most comfortable way to get there? 

Here you will find the schedules of the guaguas (intercity buses) of Lanzarote. 

To return home at dawn, it is best to take a taxi. 

If you sleep in Puerto del Carmen, Matagorda, Playa Honda or Arrecife, take advantage of the bike lane and pedal back, as long as your bike has a headlight, you wear a helmet and you are in good condition to ride, of course. There are plenty of shops where you can rent touring bikes, mountain bikes and electric bikes. 

In Lanzarote we have one of the largest vehicle fleets in Europe: something unprecedented that we want to change. If you travel by car, share it with more passengers and choose an electric one. 

How safe is this festival?

We have Civil Protection, Local Police agents and First Aid  teams at strategic points. 

The Health and Safety plan meets all the requirements to avoid accidents and is supervised by professionals. 

Good vibes and common sense have prevailed in these ten editions. We are very proud of how people experience the festival.