What are we doing to be less polluting?
What can you do?
1- No more single-use plastics: we drink from reusable cups (bring your own from home or buy one from the festival).
2- Don’t use water and electricity in vain: on Lanzarote, electricity and running water involve a polluting production process.
3- Get around by bike or use public transport. If you need to use your car, share it.
4- We reclaim public space as an essential place for community life. Take care of it as if it were your living room.
5- We are working with Innoceana to defend the endangered seagrass meadows of Guasimeta. We cannot afford their disappearance.
6- After 22:30 we leave the historic center to reconcile concert culture with neighbourhood rest. Don’t make a fuss when passing through a residential area in the early hours of the morning.
7- We reinforce cleaning with selective recycling containers, portable toilets and a team that leaves public spaces in perfect condition. Don’t throw anything on the ground.Usamos mucho byte y poco papel. No imprimas tu entrada: descárgatela en el móvil.
8- The lighting design minimizes light pollution. The darker the sky the better.
9- We take care of the working conditions of our team, made up of professionals from Lanzarote. Good vibes and empathy at all times. You also contribute to the atmosphere of the festival.
10- We have in our team members of the Association of People with Disabilities of Lanzarote: they are super friendly workers who do their job very well. Having a degree of disability does not disqualify you from working, nor from enjoying yourself in society.